About Radiant Home Project

I believe that as human beings we have certain inalienable rights. We have a right to clean water, healthy food, education, fair wages and a safe and reliable home. Things have changed dramatically in the last few years. Corporate greed permeates everything we do and in our rat race to make it to the top we have forgotten how to care about each other. 

Radiant Home Project was developed to give people a chance. Poverty and homelessness is a vicious cycle that provides little opportunity to overcome. The fact that there are people in this world that have to chose between paying rent and buying food is a tragedy. I have lived a blessed and fortunate life and now its time for me to give back. Radiant Home Project will provide housing at a low price point to give those in need a chance to break free of the poverty cycle.

All profits from Radiant Home Products are donated to the Radiant Home Project to purchase existing apartments and eventually build new apartments that will be offered to those in need at reasonable rental costs. By purchasing these products, you are giving hope to the less fortunate. Thank you for your contribution and stay tuned for further developments.