About The Creator

I've always been drawn to wood. Its color, its texture, its authenticity. Trees nourish us in their life and inspire us in their death. The essence of a tree is ever present and brings power and splendor to the artwork we create from it. From the Giant sequoias of California to the saplings in my own backyard, trees have been an ever present force in my life. It was only natural then that in my quest to create the ultimate hanger and add more art and beauty to my home I would turn to wood first. 


I've spent the majority of my life in the corporate world. I used to think that was how I was helping people. I was going to save the world one electric car at a time. I worked hard and pushed my boundaries and like the dutiful employee I was I climbed the corporate ladder. It wasn't until I was a VP that I realized I had sacrificed the most important part of me: my authenticity. I had forgotten how to be artistic, I had forgotten how to be intentional, I had forgotten how to be me. I spent so much time being the person everyone else expected me to be instead of who I really was. As an executive, I had to walk and talk the way the other executives expected me to. Which unfortunately meant firing people I cared about, covering up the truth to our customers, and pasting a neutral look on my face when confronted with unethical practices all in the name of profit. I didn't feel like I was really helping people anymore. 


In my efforts to reclaim my soul I began tapping into my creativity. I never used to think of myself as artistic or creative. So it honestly surprised me when I drew the Tree of Life Hanger and thought "Oh shit, this is actually pretty cool". As I went further down that road it became more and more clear that this was the perfect blending of my down to earth practical mindset and my desire to create. These objects have a purpose and function which feeds my intellect. But they are also beautiful and make me smile which elevates me emotionally. And the different themes have a deeper meaning and remind me of why we're here on planet earth and that feeds my soul. I truly hope these items are as uplifting and rewarding to you as they are to me.




Chelsea Ramm