Radiant Home Products makes wooden hangers and home decor carved with spiritual motifs and messages designed to support you on your journey through life. All our pieces are not only beautiful, supremely functional, but also thoughtfully curated to remind you of your purpose and goals and aid your transformation. We use only sustainably sourced wood, biodegradable packaging and non toxic finishes to ensure you maintain the most healthy, sustainable and supportive environment for your home. 

We believe life is meant to be balanced and that equal attention must be given to your physical body, emotional body and spiritual body. Each of our pieces helps maintain this balance of all the realms by being easy to use, beautiful, and symbolic. May the physical objects in your life bring you peace and joy and fulfill your every desire.


I've always been drawn to wood. Its color, its texture, its authenticity. Trees nourish us in their life and inspire us in their death. The essence of a tree is ever present and brings power and splendor to the artwork we create from it. From the Giant sequoias of California to the saplings in my own backyard, trees have been an ever present force in my life. It was only natural then that in my quest to create the ultimate hanger and add more art and beauty to my home I would turn to wood first. 

It all started with a simple problem: how to prevent the bumps in my clothes that are caused by my hangers. But it ended up being much deeper than that. In the process of designing the best hanger ever, I realized just how deeply I live in scarcity and fear in all areas of my life. 

As I examined my closet and my home more closely, I found mediocre products, vestiges of my past marriage, and things I didn’t even like or need. All of it evidence of how much I didn’t value myself. I was coasting through life buying cheap crap to numb my pain and subpar products because I didn’t believe I deserved the good stuff. I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted. 

I knew all this though. I had been on the path to healing my trauma and connecting to myself more deeply on a spiritual level for many years. But it took awhile for my eyes to truly open and that moment looking around my house was it. I finally got it. I have lived my entire life trying to be who everyone else wanted me to be rather than who I actually was. And in the process of people pleasing, I took on all the stories and narratives and fears that only served to hold me back. 

So I took the time to shed the layers of programming and I am now trying to live every day in my authenticity. I surround myself with the people, things and practices that fully support me and leave me feeling fulfilled and satisfied. In this process I discovered how much I love to design and create with my hands and I now offer my creations to the world to support you in your own journey of self-discovery and self-actualization. 
All my products are designed to:

  • Appeal to my mind and be supremely functional, 
  • Appeal to my emotional body and be supportive and beautiful
  • Appeal to my spirit and remind me of my purpose

I pray that these items support you in your journey and fill you with peace and joy.
Chelsea Ramm

About Us


Provide home decor and storage solutions that are physically, emotionally and spiritually beautiful, functional and supportive.



  1. Sustainability - we use ethically sourced wood, a renewable resource that does not harm or pollute the environment
  2. Supremely functional - if the object has a job to do, it does it extraordinarily well, which contributes to feelings of ease and reduces stress. 
  3. Quality over Quantity - it is better to have a few things that are awesome, than many things that are mediocre
  4. Biophilic design - incorporating natural materials and natural designs into your home reduces stress and contributes to feelings of well-being 
  5. Spiritual symbolism - reminds you of what actually matters in life and what your goals are
  6. Beautiful - incorporating art and beauty into our lives reduces stress and promotes feelings of peace and contentment