About The Hangers

The hangers you see here were created from my own frustrations with my closet. I typically wear a size 2 or 4 and was continually frustrated with how my shirts would get bumps in the shoulders from the hangers being too big.

I began researching to try to figure out what I could do about it so that I didn't always have to steam my clothes before wearing them. In that research I discovered that all standard hangers are 17 inches wide, which just so happens to be the average size of a man's shoulders. Well, I thought, surely someone makes hangers that are the average size of a woman's shoulders, which is 15 inches wide. Boy was I wrong. How strange that as human beings we come in all shapes and sizes and our clothing comes in all shapes and sizes, but our hangers only ever come in one size. So I embarked on a journey to make my own hangers which would be perfectly suited to the size that I am

I've always been a very practical, do-it-yourself kind of person. If I buy something, it better be multifunctional with a well thought out and elegant design. I don't do frivolous. But as a Taurus I also love beauty and art. So everything I create is both. Every item in this store is both practical and functional, but also beautiful and artistic. I smile every time I pull out a piece of clothing in my closet, the beauty, the energy and the perfect size that doesn't damage my clothes is the ultimate combination. 

You will see that every hanger comes in multiple sizes. You get to pick the hanger that is suited to you and your clothes. You can follow the rough guide below, or check out our sizing guide to find your perfect fit. 

XS (15in) Juniors or Women size 0-4
S (16in) Women size 6-12
M (17in) Women size 14-20
L (18in) Women size 22-26