The hangers you see here were created from my own frustrations with my closet. I was continually frustrated with how my shirts would get bumps in the shoulders from the hangers being too big.

About The Hangers

I began researching to find a better hanger. I thought surely someone has made a hanger that hangs your clothes really well and was meant to be smaller for women's smaller shoulders. Well, I wrong. I found plenty of options for men. But hardly anything for women. And when I did find a woman's hanger it was just a shrunk down version of a standard hanger. It was the same shape, same pointy ends, but smaller. It was so hard for me to believe that no one had come up with a better hanger for women. 

My lightbulb moment came when I was on the 10th page of google, still searching for a better hanger. I found a hanger that was $90 each. I thought "What?? $90 for a hanger? It doesn't even look cool!". And that was when I sat down and started drawing. 

I don't know how the Tree of Life hanger came to be. I know I've always loved trees and the Tree of Life is very meaningful to me. But I didn't set out to make a Tree of Life hanger, it just happened. I tell people that it was given to me, that I channeled the design. Honestly, it was just about perfect on my first try. I made several tweaks and adjustments to ensure it performed the best it could and it was hardy and unbreakable. But what you see today is so close to the original design I still can't hardly believe I did that. 

This hanger is what I had been looking for. It does everything for me. You see, I've always been very practical. I supposed I am an inventor at heart. Because my frustration about things that don't work well drives me to make it myself. I've made gadgets, furniture, clothing and gifts all myself because I couldn't find things that were both beautiful AND with all the optimal features I wanted. So many things in our lives are either beautiful or functional, not both. But I've never believed you have to make sacrifices. I truly believe you can have it all. You can have a hanger that is a work of art, that is supremely functional, that is symbolic and meaningful, that is so well designed it will last a lifetime, and is biodegradable so it doesn't end up in the landfill. 

I knew as soon as I made my first one that I had to put this out into the world. It was too beautiful not too. And that was just the beginning. As you can see from the other designs and symbols there is plenty more where the Tree of Life Designer Hanger came from!

The complement the superior functionality, I designed the hanger to come in multiple sizes. A hanger is meant to store your clothes and protect them from damage. it can only do that if it represents your body. And that means representing the size and shape of your body. So you will find that the hangers have a gentler slope, that matches the slope of your shoulders. They have rounded ends that also match how your shoulders are rounded. And with the multiple sizes, you can find a hanger that is the size of your shoulders. Everything you need to ensure your clothes are well protected and stored properly. 

If you want to learn more about the sizes and how to select the right size for you visit our sizing guide

XS (14-15in) Juniors or Women size 0-4
S (15-16in) Women size 6-12
M (16-17in) Women size 14-20
L (17-18in) Women size 22-26