Are wooden hangers better than other types of hangers?

Yes! Thought, let me start out by saying that I am biased! Clearly, I love wooden hangers. I especially love designer wooden hangers. Let me tell you why: 

  1. Wooden hangers are more durable than wire, plastic or velvet. How many times have you tried to hang something heavy on a hanger and it BREAKS. It's a tragedy. Your beautiful clothes end up on the floor. And hopefully it breaks in front of you, otherwise your clothes might sit on the floor for a while and then you have to iron or steam them again to get all the wrinkles out. Shame. 
  2. They’re pretty. Even if we’re not talking about MY hangers. Wooden hangers in general are more pretty. Especially if you’re comparing wood to wire or plastic. 
  3. They’re more eco-friendly. There is too much plastic in this world. Don’t get me wrong, plastic allows for many incredible inventions, and it will be a part of our lives forever. But we’ve gone too far with how much plastic we use, and it shows in the environmental implications. So when you have a choice, choose something other than plastic. (this goes for plastic and velvet hangers) When it comes to wire, metal products in general have a larger carbon footprint than wood products. Anything made out of wood is biodegradable and has an opportunity to give back to the earth. 
  4. They’re recyclable. Out of all the different types of hangers, wooden hangers are the most recyclable. If you want to learn more about recycling hangers check out our dedicated blog post here. Sadly, plastic, velvet and wire hangers are almost never recycled. 
  5. They don’t leave schmutz on your clothes. Wire hangers are prone to rusting, so be careful to never let them get wet. Or if you live in a humid environment watch out. Velvet hangers will shed. They always shed. So don’t hang anything white on your black velvet hanger. And plastic hangers often have sharp bits to them, so don’t hang silk or chiffon on plastic because chances are it will get a pulled thread and then be ruined. Woon hangers on the other hand are sanded and polished to a smooth finish and never shed, rust or leave debris. With the fine finish they won’t pull your threads either. 

I hope this was enlightening and helpful. Happy Hanging!



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