Why aren't these hangers made of Cedar wood?

I love aromatic cedar. It is so beautiful and smells heavenly. But unfortunately cedar can be somewhat brittle. So with our hanger designs it would break really easily. It's such a shame because otherwise we would make all our hangers out of cedar wood. But I’ll let you in on a secret, we actually send a free gift with every hanger purchase that is a cedar wood disc you can hang with your clothes. But don’t tell anyone, it’s a surprise! Even better, if you tell us this is a gift and tell us who it's for we will personalize it. 

Cedar is especially good at repelling moths and beetles that might be attracted to the natural fibers of your clothing. I know I’ve been dismayed to find holes in my clothes due to moths. It’s gut wrenching, especially when it's cashmere. So it's always good practice to have some pieces of aromatic cedar in your closet. 

Cedar also has a wonderful scent. It is earthy and smells of the forest on a spring day. The aroma is relaxing and grounding. It is such a great way to enhance your closet and make it a personal sanctuary. Combine that with our aesthetically pleasing and highly functional hangers and you might find yourself living in a dream. 

If you’re interested in including more cedar into your home and closet, be sure to get aromatic cedar also known as eastern red cedar. White cedar is beautiful and has a light aroma, but if you want true moth blocking power you need Red Cedar. 

Happy Hanging!



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