Which clothes should I fold vs hang?

Knowing which clothes to fold vs hang is key to keeping an organized closet. But the answer is not always so straight forward, because it will ultimately depend on how much drawer space vs hanging space you have. For instance, I have far more hanging space than drawer space, so I tend to hang more of my clothes than fold them. Below are some general guidelines for what should definitely be hung vs what can go either way. 

Clothes that should hang:

  1. Dresses - No matter what the length, dresses should be hung. They are often fitted or cut in such a way that the fabric does not lie flat, so they do much better hanging. 
  2. Blouses and Dress shirts - these are typically fitted and have sleeves and so are next to impossible to fold and prevent wrinkles. 
  3. Jackets & blazers - these also are challenging to fold. But really the key here is they are also challenging to iron or steam, so best to hang them to prevent wrinkles. 
  4. Silk or chiffon - these fabrics also wrinkle easily and should be hung.
  5. Dress pants - these are great to hang to prevent wrinkles. 

Clothes that can hang or fold:

  1. Sweaters - as long as you have a hanger that will help maintain the shape these can be hung. But if not, it's best to fold them to prevent damage. 
  2. Jeans and Pants - these can go either way, as long as you’re careful with the folding they can store quite well folded in a drawer and be wear ready when you pull them out
  3. T-shirts and casual tops - some people love to see their t-shirts, some people are more utilitarian. It's up to you and how much space you have!

There are numerous combinations or options for keeping your clothing in wear ready condition at all times. The most important part though is staying organized and choosing the right hanger for your needs. 

Happy Hanging!



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