The Ideal Hanger

The Ideal Hanger

What are the characteristics that make up the ideal clothing hanger?

So often we overlook some of the most important items in our life. When was the last time you thought about the hangers in your closet?? But they are so critical to ensuring your have smooth mornings and avoid frustrations with your clothes. Why? Because your clothes spend 99% of their life living on a hanger, not on you. So your hanger needs to be high quality and properly designed to ensure your clothes are protected and are ready to wear at all times. 

So, what does the ideal hanger look like? Well to be honest, it would look like a mannikin! But that would be weird (and creepy) if you had a bunch of mannikins in your closet. Its also not exactly an efficient way to store clothes. But there are plenty of things that can be done in a hanger to replicate what your body and what a mannikin would do for your clothes.

  1. Sized to fit you. The absolute best thing you can get in a hanger is the right size. This is the single most important part of getting your clothes to drape on the hanger properly. Plus having a hanger that is the right size means you will avoid getting bumps in weird places.
  2. Slope matches your shoulders. There are so many hangers in this world with very steep slopes and just don't represent the way real people look. So find a hanger with a more gentle slope that matches your shoulders and you'll get a much better drape when your clothes hang on it.
  3. Gently Rounded Ends. Most of us don't have pointy shoulders, so why do hangers all end in points? It doesn't represent what we actually look like, and it will contribute to leaving dreadful bumps in your clothes. So find a hanger that is nicely rounded with a gentle curve at the end of it
  4. Single piece construction. Anywhere you glue or fasten wood you risk having it come apart. Most wooden hangers are joined in the middle, its the most vulnerable part and where they often break. Ideally, the hanger would be constructed from a single piece of wood to ensure there are no weak spots where it can come apart. 
  5. Premium Hardware. No cheap chintsy stuff here. You want thick, solid hardware in premium finishes. It's the cherry on top that will truly transform an average closet to a premium photo worthy space. Plus if the hardware is too small or thin, it might bend. Nobody wants to mess with that. 
  6. Exquisite Detailing. Art is so uplifting and such a beautiful way to express yourself and nourish your soul. We need more art in our lives. The little thoughtful touches and tiny details go such a long way to improving our quality of life and helping us feel good.

Now you know the most important things to look out for in a hanger, how about you rifle through your closet and see what you find? Does it meet your expectations and standards?

Happy Hanging,




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