Mastering the art of Hanging - How to properly store your clothes in a closet

Mastering the art of Hanging - How to properly store your clothes in a closet

So by now you’ve realized I’ve got a thing for closets. And I especially have a thing for well functioning closets. Keeping your closet organized is key to keeping it functional and for storing your clothes so they have longevity. Below you’ll find some tips for how best to hang and organize your clothes. 

  1. Invest in quality hangers. The most important part of your closet is the hangers. Make sure you don’t skimp in this area because this is what your clothes hang on and ultimately it will determine if your clothes get damaged or not. The right hangers can prevent wrinkles from forming, prevent bumps and keep your clothes looking as fresh as the day you put them away. 
  2. Categorize by type and color. All those beautiful closets you see on Pinterest and Instagram have this in common. Separate your clothes into sections where you have button up shirts, jackets, sweaters, casual tops, long sleeve tops, etc. That is the easiest part. Next you’ll want to do some form of color organization as well. Putting your darker shirts together and your colorful shirts together. This will not only help you find the pieces you’re looking for but also create a visually appealing look. 
  3. Leave some breathing room. I know I’ve mentioned this before and it was controversial then and it’s controversial now. But seriously, if you haven’t worn that one dress in 5 years, does it really need to take up space in your closet?? You will be happier, more fulfilled and less stressed getting ready in the morning if your closet is full of pieces you actually wear. Let the others go. The other benefit is that spacing your clothes out will make your closet look bigger, and you’ll actually be able to find the different pieces you have. 
  4. Button, Zip and Fasten. You’re aiming to get your clothes to drape on the hanger as they would drape on you. And that means doing up a few of the buttons, zipping up zippers and closing any hook and loop fasteners. This will also keep your closet looking tidy and prevent any wrinkles from forming as your clothes hang.

I hope this guide inspires you to organize your closet and do the best you can for your clothes. By following these tips and guidelines you’ll transform your closet into a beautiful space where you can show off your clothes and you’ll be able to protect them for the long term. 

Happy Hanging!



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