How to prevent wrinkles when hanging clothes

How incredibly disappointing is it to put a shirt away that you have just ironed or steamed and have it be wrinkly when you pull it out to wear it? Nobody has time for that nonsense. I can’t stand the idea of having to iron or steam my clothes twice. I like to have streamlined and smooth mornings. So being able to pull a shirt out of my closet and have it be wear ready is so important to me. Hanging your clothes is the best way to ensure they stay wrinkle free. But it only works if you hang them the right way. Below are some tips for choosing the right hanger and hanging your garments properly to ensure they don’t get wrinkles. 

  1. Choose the right size hanger. That #1 best way to prevent wrinkles is by choosing the right hanger. You’ll first want to ensure you have the right size of hanger. If you are a woman you’ll likely want to opt for a smaller hanger than the standard, this will ensure the sleeves of your clothes hang properly. If you are a man, you’ll likely want a larger hanger to ensure the hanger goes out to your shoulder seams and so the body of your clothes hang properly. 
  2. Choose the right shape hanger. I’ve seen some pretty interesting hangers out there and while some of them are beautiful, they sacrifice function for beauty, which is just not okay for me. If I’m going to hang my clothes on a hanger, I want to ensure they have the best possible chance of staying protected and wrinkle free while I’m not wearing them. So the shape of a hanger is the second most important aspect when it comes to keep your clothes wrinkle free. Choose a hanger that is shaped like your shoulders. It's really that simple. Don’t choose anything too flat or too sloped. This will ensure the shirt drapes on the hanger in a similar fashion to the way it would drape on you. 
  3. Button, zip or fasten. Going along with #2, you want your clothes to drape on the hanger in the same way they would drape on you. That means doing up a few buttons, or zipping up the zipper or on dresses doing up the back of the neck hook. 
  4. Don’t overcrowd your closet. This may be the most controversial point, but an overcrowded closet will guarantee wrinkles no matter what else you do. I’m a huge fan of Marie Kondo and every other organization guru out there. If you haven’t worn it in a year, or it doesn’t fit, or doesn’t light you up, then get rid of it. This will allow you to ensure there is space to hang things up without having to do lots of shoving and man

I hope these tips help you to keep your clothes in great condition and wrinkle free. Cheers to a streamlined and efficient morning.

Happy Hanging



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